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Attended VISSOFT 2015
Date: 01 Oct 2015

VISSFOT 2015 was held in Bremen, Germany this year and it turned out to be an interesting time there for me! I presented two works around novel visualizations and software research, and got some great appreciation and feedback for it! Despite being a young community, I found the conference engaging and I am evermore enthusiastic about the role of visualizations in the area of software engineering and research.

The two papers on Cerebro and Spider SENSE, can be found here and here respectively.

As I participated (far right) in a panel discussion on visualizing software runtime after my talk on Cerebro: VISSOFT

And like with every conference, I do like to take a walk around a foreign town. :)

The architecture in Bremen’s old town is beautiful: bremen-2

And the Cathedral in Bremen, Germany … is breathtaking: bremen

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